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A dutch graphic design touch

When she was a little girl Jurianne Matter wanted to become an “Inventor of Beautiful thing”. This Dutch designer have inherited a passion for textiles, paper and patterns from her mother and her grandmother. At present she creates paper products with lots of symboles relating to important happenings in life (birthday, christmas, party). This way [&hellip… Read more


Artwork style babysitting

When the sun sets over Tokyo, and it’s time for baby Nuno to go to bed, her mother, cartoonist Mami Koide, gets ready for work. After making sure the toddler is sound asleep she sets her on a canvas improvised from two mattresses covered with a fluffy blanket and makes her the protagonist in various [&hellip… Read more


Red fish

I like this lamp from Tung Design since I used it for home decor project in 2008. I put it with the wallpaper Marabout from the French artist Claude Closky (8000 French words connected by the sonority of the last syllable). Visualy the red touch of the fish on the white and black pattern was [&hellip… Read more


The sun has a meeting with the moon

From the thousand songs Charles Trenet – French poeter (1913-2001) – wrote, “Le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune” is my favorit one. I love the retro style of the music wish contrast with the video. The message is “when you think it’s far away, it’s there right next to you”. Lyric Translation: On the [&hellip… Read more


Urban Culture

Jonathan Franzen – american author – was explaining on TV that he feels that more we are denaturing the world and more we are making everything the same from Shanghai to Berlin or Miami. His conclusion was the World is becoming less interesting so people are more watching TV because it is here that we [&hellip… Read more


Traffic jams

Jakarta will become completely engorged by 2014, are warning some experts. Every day, more than 550 new cars and 1500 motorbikes are registered when the road network increases only 0,01%. (Source : Asie info, 15/10/2012)… Read more


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